Services        Specializing in walks while you work!     

Daily Dog Walks -
Daily walks increase your pet’s comfort. Sure, some animals can “hold it” all day - but your pet will be much happier if he is able to get out to “do his business” in the middle of the day.

Daily Feedings -
Are you away 6, 8, 10 or more hours a day? We cater to working professionals who often work long, demanding hours and can't be home for structured feeding times. If your pet is on a strict diet, or just prefers to eat according to the sun, we can accomodate your pet when your work schedule cannot.

Mail Pick Up -
Having the mail turned off while you're away is pretty straight forward, but having it turned back on usually requires a visit to the post office (during their hours) and a signature. Having us pick up your mail eliminates those steps and not only provides you with a neatly stacked pile of mail on your return, but also indicates that "someone is home" by eliminating that over-stuffed mailbox.

Lights/Curtains -
Timers on lights are nice, but they are easily noticed as just that: set timers. Another way to indicate that someone is home while you're actually away is to make constant changes to the appearance of your home. Having someone alternate lights and curtains manually will give the right signal: someone is here taking care of this house.

Vacation Sits -
At this time, we have limited service for vacationing clients. At present, we are only offering vacation sits to current customers who are already scheduled for Daily Dog Walks. Please contact us by phone today for the details about this special service.

Pooper Scooper -
For our Daily Dog Walk customers, we automatically take care of any business during the walks. That's just part of what we do. But, if your dog is allowed to roam your yard, you might just need a quick sprucing up of your yard so that Fido has a clean yard to play in at all times. A quick sweep of the yard is just a simple request that will give both you and your pet something extra to smile about.

Special Needs -
If your dog is on medication or has other timely needs, we are happy to provide that service to you. It's important to know that when your work day goes late, or your pet requires a pill mid-day, there is someone you can rely on to make sure he or she is well taken care of, whatever the need.

Using a daily pet sitter increases your freedom by allowing you to stay late at the office, run errands after work, or perhaps enjoy some well deserved social time after work. You’ll be able to do all of this knowing that your pet has already been attended to midday.

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